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Yes We Fulfill Order Flow

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Order Flow

The Order Flow illustrates the order process from your store until they get shipped.

Common Terms Used

  • Wait Time – specified time you decided your orders to wait before the App will move them to the In Production folder. You can choose from 1 hour to any number of days. The specified wait time is always visible at the top of the Orders List page for your reference.
  • Risky Orders – a threat of fraud orders. This is to let you review the order to validate its legitimacy before proceeding.
  • Address Issue – an order that has an issue with the address. The App is detecting common address errors or missing fields like the Street Address, City, State/Province, and/or Zip Code. 
  • Custom Designs – orders with customers own design.  
  • On Hold Orders – orders you put on hold and would not be processed yet.
  • Canceled Orders – orders that are canceled and will not be processed. 
  • Shipped Orders – orders that are shipped and fulfilled.

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