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Product Details

In this section, you will be able to see and download information specific to each product available in the YWF App such as their design requirements, size charts, costs, etc.

You can reduce the number of products available on the page by searching a word in the search bar or by selecting a category in the dropdown menu at the right of the page. 

When you click on the Product Details button of a product you will access all of its information. 

Product & Lifestyle Images

First, the Product Images and Lifestyle Images if available. You will see a white and/or black dot below the Sole Color and images will change as you select one dot or the other.

Product Details

The default description we’ve set up in the App will be available under the Product Details section along with the different outsole image views. 

Size Guide

To preview the different size guides available, select the title Women, Men, Inch, or Cm. 

If you wish to download the Size Guide in PSD format, click the Download Size Guide button. 

For all footwear products, three different PSD files Size Guide will be available: Men’s Women’s, and Unisex. 

Design Template & Requirements

A preview of the design file template and its requirements is available in this section. 

Click the Download Design File Template to obtain the PSD version. 

To get additional information on the design template file requirements, click the Instructions button. 

Design File Template

Pricing and Shipping Info


  • Product and Shipping: All our product prices include the Standard Shipping Method price
  • Express Shipping: Extra charges if your product is shipped using the Express Shipping Method.
  • Bogo Discount: Discount if 2 or more products are purchased in the same order. The smallest discount will be applied to your invoice. This means if product A has a Bogo Discount of $2.00 and product B has a Bogo Discount of $1.00, the Bogo Discount of $1.00 will be applied on your invoice.

The countries we can ship using the Standard Shipping method or the Express Shipping method are listed below each method. 

Our Order Process

Estimated Production Time, Shipping Time (Standard Shipping Method) and Total Delivery Time are available for each product. 

In most cases, the average Shipping Time using the Express Shipping Method is 3-8 days depending on the destination country. 

General Policies

We offer a one-time free size replacement on all our products to ensure your customers’ satisfaction. Certain conditions may apply.

Click the Questions? button to learn more about our different policies and processes. 

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